Along with the auto races you'll enjoy these activities:

ASM International Food Celebration

We welcome all families to the ASM Family Carnival. Enjoy rides, games, and try your luck at winning prizes. As you walk through the Carnival, let the sweet smell of your childhood memories take you back home. Come, celebrate, and enjoy this family friendly experience: the Ferris wheel, bumper cars, spinning teacups, sideshows, games, and family-friendly contests are all part of the ASM Weekend Experience.

We welcome all of our race audience to the newest form of Motorcycle Racing: the American Standard Motorsports BikeFest Series; the greatest Mixed Gender bike racing series. The ASM BikeFest Series is the newest and most exciting racing series out there. Come and enjoy the excitement of 40 bikes, raced by both men and women, competing around the oval track in some of the largest venues in America. We welcome all to come enjoy this new event in conjunction with the ASM Weekend Experience. The motorcycle races are Saturday at 2:00 PM

American Standard Motorsports will have 10 national boxing events, with teams associated with some of the greatest names in boxing. We will have many of the biggest name promoters, each bringing six of their best young fighters, one in each weight division. Not only will they fight in the Ring, but their teams will also be fighting it out on the track, with a racecar representing each boxing team/brand, racing that weekend. Championship boxing and auto racing: Never brought together before, but now in conjunction with each other throughout this spectacular weekend of entertainment. The Boxing events will be Saturday at 7:00 PM

ASM Step Shows

You like smoke? You like noise? You like earth-shaking excitement? We’ve got it all! You will experience the greatest "Burnout Show" on earth. ASM professional drivers will dazzle and amaze you, with the excitement, the roar of the engine, and the cars spinning yet totally under control, smoke billowing for miles. The audience will judge the driver who puts on the best show and the winner will be presented with the Terrance Alton Cox Burnout Award. Each event will have its show on the ASM Network. "The kids call this drifting" and it’s just another of the exciting events of the weekend. 

Women's Professional Volleyball

How can you have a great weekend experience without great foods? We will deliver on that with cultural foods from all corners of the world. With the ASM International Food Celebration, families can expose their kids, and maybe themselves, to diverse cultures by way of new food experiences from all over the world.

On the track you will see 32 race cars racing in 3 separate, shorter races which keeps  everyone more engaged and speeds up the duration of the race. The races are  Saturday at 2:00PM and two on Sunday at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM

Maintaining the theme of "We Welcome All", American Standard Motorsports presents the Multi-Cultural Art Festival, which reflects art from countries and cultures around the world, with artists and works representing areas like Switzerland, Germany, America, Africa, Russia, Japan, and throughout Polynesia. ASM is excited to have Mr. Reginald Harmon as our Director of Global Arts. Mr. Harmon was raised in Dayton, Ohio, and he is an American painter, sculptor, print maker, potter, poet, and author. Regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 21st Century, he is known for his Renaissance attitude. Mr. Harmon states: "This is an educational experience like no other for all kids to learn about different people and different cultures from all over the World".

We will celebrate cultures from around the world through the artistry of dance and step shows: Folk, Country, and Celtic; our entertainers cover everything from River Dancing to the Divine Nine. We shall feast our eyes upon dancers and celebrate different dances and step shows from around the world.  

ASM Family Go-Kart Series

American Standard Motorsports will be providing professional women’s volleyball as part of our weekend event. You will see our 4-player pro volleyball squad play the greatest volleyball teams from around the country in the greatest venues in America. Not only will they compete on the court, but both teams will have a race car representing them, competing on the track. All members of the winning team from each game will receive the Terrance Alton Cox Volleyball Sports Award. The competition will be live streamed across the world and each game will have its own show on the ASM Network.

What makes ASM different is the diversity of entertainment activities wrapped around the racing events and the inclusion of many different sporting events and audiences served. We Welcome All is the theme of the 3-day weekend racing experience, and with different cultural events, foods and shows, we will have something to enjoy for all types families and individuals. 

American Standard Motorsports Mixed-Gender Basketball. We will be bringing together teams of the best basketball players in the nation, both men and women for combined mixed gender basketball tournaments each weekend. Our goal is to promote equality and education across the nation and send a message to all kids that you can be anything you want to be, unrestrained by gender. Each weekend, we will live stream worldwide the ASM Mixed Gender Basketball Team against other mixed gender teams from other areas across the nation. Not only will each team compete on the court, ASM will create a Racing Team for each of the opposing teams, so they will also each have a car competing for them on the track. Audience members can cheer for and support the basketball team and race car they fall in love with over the weekend. The winners of each game shall receive the Terrance Alton Cox Sports Award for ASM Mixed Gender Basketball.

ASM Mixed-Gender Basketball

The ASM 3-Day Weekend Experience

ASM Classic Car Show

Sometimes it’s not enough just to watch racing…. Sometimes you’ve got to get behind the wheel. Here’s your chance! Bring the entire family and experience the thrill of driving and racing in the ASM Family Go-Kart Series. We have races for the kids, ages five years and older, and have prizes for many levels of racing. You never know. Perhaps your child may be the world's next great driver. The Go-Kart Track is a great place to start.

The Pinnacle Building, 
3455 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Ste. 500, Atlanta GA 30326 US

ASM Boxing

3 Auto  Races Each Weekend

ASM Multi-Cultural Art Festival

Each Saturday of the American Standard Motorsports Race Weekend at 8:00pm, we will be streaming live worldwide one of the biggest Music Concerts in the nation during our Racing 4 Education Live Concert Festival located within some of the largest spectator venues in America, our racetrack infields.
The ASM Racing 4 Education Live Concert Festival will promote the importance of Education to kids of all color and gender. A percentage of the funds raised from merchandising from each concert will go to support the education of our youth. We will have three stages set up at each track from Friday night to Sunday, with different genres of music for all during the festival. We will have music of all types, from kids-centric, jazz, gospel, pop music to urban. All this at no cost whatsoever... Yes, the Concerts will be Free! Three additional small stages will also be set up outside the track to showcase the talents of many different local musical artists. The concerts start Saturday night at 8:00 PM

ASM Car Burn Out

ASM Motorcycle Racing

ASM Auto Racing

​​​AmericanStandard Motorsports 

Come one, come all to the largest, most spectacular Classic Car Shows in America. These are some of the most popular events with classic car owners and enthusiasts exhibiting all makes and models from across the country. The ASM Classic Car Show is supported by classic car associations across the nation and we are proud to return that support by highlighting the importance of education in our youth and partnering in programs to support local district school systems. The shows will be seen on the ASM Network for the world to see with each car show live-streamed.

ASM Racing 4 Education Concert

ASM Family Carnival