​​​AmericanStandard Motorsports 

ASM has the requisite experience as a result of over 50 years of motorsports competition in the US and worldwide, including race series expertise in Europe and the UAE. The ASM fully scalable business model and state of the art programming management allows us to support portfolios of programs & brands worldwide.

ASM Sponsorship Opportunities


The Pinnacle Building, 
3455 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Ste. 500, Atlanta GA 30326 US

Our fully scalable business model allows us to support a number of “brands” and everyone involved within ASM is committed at every level and honored to be associated with the brands and initiatives we proudly endorse and promote. 

Sponsor Your Race Team
1) Yearly sponsorship for your 1-car race team to cover all 30 Races has your entire car wrapped with your brand name or theme. For more information: info@americanstandardmotorsports.com

Sponsor A Race
2) Name a race after your products, goods, or service.
For more information:  info@americanstandardmotorsports.com​

Become A Title Sponsor For Amercian Standard Motorsports
3) Be one of the five official inaugural Full Year Title Sponsors. For more information: info@americanstandardmotorsports.com​

Contingency Sponsor
4) This is an opportunity to have your name or brand on the front lower quarter panel of all 32 race cars.  For more information: info@americanstandardmotorsports.com​

Sponsor One Race
5) Buy into one race only with a racecar wrapped in your brand.
For more information: info@americanstandardmotorsports.com​

Pace Car Sponsorship - 3 Race Weekend
6) An opportunity for auto manufacturers to showcase their latest car to the weekend to be the featured  lead Pace Car in all three races. You can buy into all three races for the weekend as the Official ASM Pace Car.  For more information : info@americanstandardmotorsports.com​

ASM Family Friendly Weekend Sponsorship7) Be the title sponsor for all of the other events running across the entire 3-day Weekend Experience with your brand on signage and materials at all of the other non-racing sporting events, carnival, cultural and entertainment venues.

With our National Racing Series, ASM creates sponsorship opportunities for companies and global organizations that have historically not been involved with the motorsports industry. We create racing team sponsorship packages, which include customized multi-race packages if an entire season sponsorship is not feasible for the sponsor. We work with potential sponsors who may be outside the norm when it comes to consideration of motorsports racing, such as Wall Street firms, entertainment entities, sports and movie promoters and high-tech dot-com organizations.