​​​AmericanStandard Motorsports 

9:00 AM - Kicks off the Day 2 of the ASM Pit Party.
11:00 AM- Gospel Concert with the nation's most renowned gospel artists.
12:00 PM - ASM Pit Girls Show.
12:30 PM- ASM Auto Race Two.
2::30 PM - ASM Pit Girls Show.
3:00 PM- ASM Auto Race Three.

3-Day Weekend Event times


Motorcycle Racing


American Standard Motorsports is a National Auto Racing Series. It is the new evolution in Oval and Road Course Motorsport Racing. Thirty-two racecars roaring around the track, the smell of exhaust, burning rubber, and excitement in the air. 

We Welcome All

The Pinnacle Building, 
3455 Peachtree Rd. N.E., Ste. 500, Atlanta GA 30326 US

9:00 AM -Kicks off the World's largest tailgate party: the ASM Pit Party.
11:30 PM -ASM Pit Girls Show.
12:00 PM- ASM Mixed Gender Basketball game.
1:30 PM - Women’s Professional Volleyball Match
2:30 PM- The Greatest Step Show on Earth featuring "The Divine 9".
3:30 PM- Racing 4 Education BikeFest Motorcycle Race.
5:30 PM- ASM Auto Race One

8:00 PM- ASM Racing 4 Education Music Concert. Featuring today's top artists.

We Welcome All to the newest form of Motorcycle Racing: the ASM BikeFest Series is the greatest mixed-gender bike racing series in the world. Come and enjoy 40 bikes ridden by the fastest men and women racing our oval tracks at the largest venues in America.

Motorcycle RACING - A Huge Part of the Experience

ASM plans on racing in 2019 in these metropolitan locations 

American Standard Motorsports RACING

This is a family-friendly motorsport racing series. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the birthplace of diversity in motorsports, the Series travels across the country with race events in 10 different cities with three races per city/weekend. We call it the ASM Weekend Experience, an entertainment value like no other! 

12:00 PM  -ASM Cars Testing and Practice.
2:00 PM - Draw for starting Positions.
3:00 PM- ASM Meet & Greet: the drivers, race crews, and owners give autographs and pictures to the fans along with our incredible ASM Pit Girls.
4:30 PM - ASM Racing-4-Education BikeFest Motorcycle Race.
6:00 PM - ASM Pit Girls Show.
7:00 PM - The World Class Boxing Match.

Atlanta, Georgia
Miami, Florida
Charlotte, North Carolina
Dallas, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Chicago, Illinois
Norfolk, Virgina
Las Vegas, Nevada
Indianapolis, Indiana
Nashville, Tennessee

Season Series locations